Visualst’s First Interactive Data Design workshop.

If you have visited our website, you have a sense of our daily data design work, which is a blend of data visualizations, analytical framing, knowledge management, and graphic design. This workshop was something else entirely; pushing the bounds of our creative process and transfer of knowledge and design swag.

Wait, what exactly is an interactive design workshop?

First, we should say that an interactive workshop can be adaptable to any subject/topic of interest, not limited to design. An interactive workshop engages the participants actively in learning new information or techniques through mandatory participation and rapid ideation/prototyping.

Visualst’s first interactive design workshop offered participants the opportunity to learn traditional graphic design elements, practice design methods, concept development, and expert shop-talks.

Key Learnings

After the round of introductions and the fun icebreaker moment, Visualst founder was the first speaker of the day, guiding us through the ABC’s of design (e.g. color, contrast, hierarchies, etc,) and shared resources on design thinking. The Q&A moments was ongoing as the participants completed live critiques, adding their opinions to the theme, and clearing doubts on the topic.

Next up, our resident Maputo-based graphic designer presented on his journey in design and coached us on how to manage clients in the early stages of a design project. This presentation complemented the first one by consolidating key points (e.g. contrast, fonts, etc), and by the end of his presentation we all wanted to have-a-go at a career in graphic design, joking. Jokes aside, this session helped our team understand and appreciate the essence and complementarity of each other’s work at Visualst.


Data is the mess behind the key facts and statistics that govern all of our lives.

Design is the art of making things functional and beautiful.

Most of the time, data can be hard to read or to report because of the overwhelming amount of information. Design plays a huge role in simplifying that information, into easy to read, inform and share through visuals, sounds and interactive objects that people can understand, relate, and connect to.

Interested to see the workshop’s presentation, access it online here.

More workshop? Heck yes! Our next one is on February 28th with local partners and artists to co-create data artwork for our upcoming exhibit of ‘Art is Data’ at the SDG Action Festival in Germany!