Make your data matter.

Who is Visualst?


Visualst is a public interest data design firm. We work with social organizations in emerging markets to create solutions that connect data to people. Our products are beautifully designed, easy to access, and engineered to help you take action.

Our Values


We are transparent about our processes and candid about our progress, successes and failures. Because openness goes both ways, we crave challenge and constructive criticism.


We see the end of long reports and lofty academic articles. We’re pushing boundaries on how we consume, understand and leverage information through visual representation.


We believe solutions should be designed for beneficiaries and driven by data. We leverage visionary insights grounded in local context to spearhead new solutions.

Our Mantras

Be You.

It’s important to tell the real story: your story. You need to look inward and define the values that you live by, even if they’re different from what the rest of the world expects.


Collaboration is essential for growth and untapping potential. Everyone has something to share and together we challenge beliefs.

Test Everything.

Assumptions define our reality. We are devoted to changing the status quo, starting with testing our assumptions about how things work.

Do Good Work.

Change only happens when we are uncomfortable. Extending beyond our reach allows us to have a constant pursuit of something greater, while retaining our focus on superior quality.

Better Together

We’re firm believers that we’re better together – knowing that co-creation is the best way to gain a holistic view of customer, stakeholder and business needs.

Founder’s Story


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