What’s the reach and impact of your research? Would having a visual tool explaining your research help you engage your target audience to take action? 
Visualst, a public-interest data design firm, is launching our “Grateful 4 Research” contest in celebration of Thanksgiving and the gratitude our team has for the commitment of researchers globally to health systems and policy research (HSPR). We are offering researchers an opportunity to work with our multi-disciplinary team of researchers, information/communication strategists, and graphic designers to co-create a ‘visualized’ product of your research that you can use freely in your dissemination and advocacy efforts. No contracts, no fees, just gratitude for the importance of research/evidence in health policy, and the recognition that dissemination and crafting communication materials is hard and costly. 
The purpose of Grateful4Research is to support researchers to better engage their target audiences through visual experiences that inspire action. 
To enter, send an email to [email protected], providing documentation of your research (e.g. abstract, manuscript, policy brief, etc.), your biggest challenge in disseminating this work, your target audience(s), and something you are grateful for (it’s Thanksgiving!).  All submissions due by November 22, 2018 (Turkey day).


We will select 2-3 ‘winners’ by November 27, 2018 and reach out via email.
We will work with authors/researchers over the final weeks of 2018, leveraging our research translation design process to deliver a ‘visualized’ product that fits your communication needs (e.g. infographic, interactive dashboard, digital poster art, motion graphic, and beyond).